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After spending over a decade studying & practicing the art of Naturopathic Medicine in Scottsdale, Arizona, I have opened a new integrative Naturopathic clinic in Grand Rapids, Michigan. My partner, Paul Krauss, and I are originally from the Midwest (Paul is from Lansing, Michigan) and are passionate about brining truly integrative care back to our roots. 

Our mission in creating Health For Life was to provide West Michigan with an image of integrative medicine that focuses on the following principals: 

  • Research based and empirically based recommendations
  • Rooted in the philosophy of traditional Naturopathic Medicine and Clinical Psychotherapy
  • Empowering our clients in achieving sustainable and long-lasting wellness
  • Safe and alternative solutions that are appropriate for all ages
  • Effective solutions that get results and promote actual and true health

We conducted extensive interviews with some of the top talent in West Michigan and have created a top-notch integrative team. 

Health For Life Grand Rapids is all about providing you with the tools that you need so that you may enjoy health for life. We offer Naturopathic Medicine in Grand Rapids, counseling in Grand Rapids, Health Coaching in Grand Rapids, Hyponotherapy in Grand Rapids and much, much more. 

In a snapshot, let me introduce you to our team:

  • Dr. Nicole Cain NMD (licensed in Arizona), MA Clinical Psychology: Owner, Co-Founder of Health For Life GR, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Natural Mental Health Supplements, Recipient of The Top Doctor Award in Family Practice Medicine in Arizona, Naturopathic Bipolar Doctor, and your expert in Family Practice Medicine.
  • Paul Krauss, MA, LPC: Co-Founder of Health For Life GR. Paul is considered one of the leaders in the field of trauma therapy (trauma therapist). He is trained in EMDR and he serves as a consultant for both individuals and corporations.
  • Nicole Vega, LMSW, CHC: Nicole is a fully licensed clinician and certified health coach. She is a counselor in Grand Rapids located at Health For Life. She is passionate about working with moms and her area of expertise is: Postpartum anxiety/depression, supporting new moms, women who are preparing to become a mom, and also supporting women in business, and women in the home.
  • Adam Nash MA LLPC: Adam is your expert counselor in Grand Rapids for teens, adolescents and young adults. He has over a decade of experience working with young adults and so if you are looking for a counselor for your teenager, if your young adult is struggling with depression, anger, anxiety or having a difficult time at school, Adam should be your go-to. He will help your loved one get back on track. 
  • Billie Walters, LMSW: Billie is a licensed clinical social worker in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She offers counseling in Grand Rapids at Health For Life, and she also does home visits for those families with special circumstances. She offers groups for women, and is deeply committed to expanding mindfulness and self compassion in West Michigan. 
  • Stacey Prefontaine, CHt-CMS, FIBH: Stacey is a clinical hypnotherapist and is a fellow on the International Board of Hypnotherapy. Trauma, anxiety, depression, pain, chronic disease and so many other concerns affect the brain in a way that counseling cannot target. If you are feeling stuck and are having a difficult time conquering your physical or mental health concern, then call Stacey to learn about how she can help you.
  • Jennifer Belmonte, LMSW, CHC: Jennifer is your counselor for the family in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is experienced not only in offering support to the entire family system and doing family therapy, but she is also uniquely skilled in helping her patients identify the root cause to their physical pain and working with them to experience true relief. 
  • Shannon Bennett, ND: We are thrilled to announce that in November of 2017 that Shannon will be joining the Health For Life Team. Shannon is passionate about offering patients around the world with excellent naturopathic medicine. She will offer telemedicine, and in-person naturopathic medicine in Grand Rapids. 

To learn more about Dr. Cain's practice, click HERE. 

To learn more about Paul Krauss' practice, click HERE.

We can't wait to meet you! 

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