Nicole Cain, ND MA

My passion is offering safe, powerful, and cost effective solutions for your health care needs. I care very deeply about my clients and would be honored to be a part of your health journey.

I am licensed to practice medicine in the state of Arizona and received the same training as a standard MD or DO. However, in addition to the pharmacology, physiology, biochemistry and all of the other coursework one studies in MD/DO programs, I am trained in naturopathic and alternative modalities including: Nutrition, supplements, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, botanical medicine and more. Naturopathic doctors are very unique in this because we receive a solid foundation and training in medicine, but are rooted in the wisdom of traditional and alternative modalities.

In the state of Arizona, as a primary care physician, I am licensed to prescribe medications, conduct minor surgery, order labs, bill insurance and diagnose. The state of Michigan does not offer licensure for Naturopaths yet and so at this time there is no legal differentiation between a medically trained Naturopathic Physician and a traditional Naturopath. With respect to this, I can offer you excellent, research-based education on how to achieve your health objectives.

My education includes undergraduate specialization in psychobiology from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, I completed a research residency at Baylor College of Medicine, received a Masters in Clinical Psychology, Counseling Specialization from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (CSOPP) and I also earned my Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM). After graduation I completed an accredited residency in internal medicine, and then pursued post doctorate training in integrative mental health.

My mission is to offer an elite integrative experience. My team of clinicians is comprised of experts in their fields, and I have relationships with doctors and counselors across the United States.

While my specialization is in integrative solutions for bipolar disorder, trauma, anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns, I am trained as a family practice doctor and work with Arizona residents a a primary care doctor. I offer education for those residing outside of Arizona.

It is a pleasure to serve the Grand Rapids and surrounding area. I look forward to meeting you and supporting you on your journey towards health, and life, today.




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Nicole Cain, ND MA

Doctors Love Nicole Cain, ND MA!

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Nicole Cain, ND MA was awarded one of the Top Family General Practitioners of the Month in the August 2016 by the Doctors’ Choice Awards!



What Clients Are Saying About Nicole Cain, ND MA:


"I trust my health in her hands."

"Nicole Cain, ND MA has surpassed my expectations as a Naturopathic Consultant. Her heart shows when she engages with clients because she truly has the utmost compassion for them. Her main goal is to help clients get well and she does that exactly! Nicole Cain, ND MA is warm, easy to talk to and free of judgment. I trust my health and the health of the most important
people in my life in her hands."

— S.C.

"In 12 weeks I was cured!"

Nicole Cain, ND MA is the model of what a Naturopathic Doctor should be. Over the course of nearly a year, I'd seen 3 alopathic doctors (MD) for treatment of my condition, to no avail. Nicole Cain, ND MA was a breath of fresh air. My intake was thorough and thoughtful. She identified the source or root cause of my symptoms and within 12 weeks rendered a cure! Thank you Nicole Cain, ND MA! You rock!

— S.L.

"I got my daughter back."

My daughter suffered from severe depression and migraine headaches. For a while her depression from the migraines was so severe that she became suicidal. We were referred to Nicole Cain, ND MA by a friend whose son had worked with her. After a month my daughter's migraines were 50% better and her depression was gone. After just 6 months of treatment she was off all of her medications and symptom free. I got my daughter back and I am forever grateful. Thank you Nicole Cain, ND MA!

— A.T.

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